Thank you for your interest in contributing to osu!mac!

osu!mac uses the Sphinx documentation generator, and files are marked up using reStructuredText. We refer to the Python documentation style guide loosely to keep our docs consistent. Docs are hosted on ReadTheDocs.


If you’re interested in contributing to osu!mac’s documentation, there’s no need to write reStructuredText if you’re not so inclined; plain text contributions are more than welcome as well. Please open an issue on GitHub.

Most chatter related to osu!mac should be done by opening an issue on GitHub - forums are not monitored. You can also use the contact details provided here.

Pull requests are welcome at any time, but it’s probably a good idea to make an issue before getting started on it (I might already be working on it!).


When contributing, please ensure to run make html and build the site so that I can work locally as well.

Translations are very welcome but you’ll need to open an issue on GitHub since I have to prepare the docs first on the technical side of things before getting started.

Thank you for helping out!


See this webpage for informaton about section headings in reStructuredText.