Importing beatmaps and skins


If you’re new to osu! and don’t know how all this beatmap and skin stuff work:


osu!macOS Agent can automatically move beatmaps and skins from your Downloads folder. Just make sure to enable the checkboxes inside osu!macOS Agent settings. More information available below.

Importing beatmaps and skins

Importing beatmaps into osu! is quite easy, and there’s a number of ways you can get this to work with your osu! Wineskin.

Using osu!macOS Agent

You can have beatmaps automatically moved from your Downloads folder to osu!, with the help of Technocoder’s osu!macOS Agent program. To enable this:

  1. Open osu!macOS Agent

  2. In the General tab, locate the Location: field. Make sure this points to your osu! install (e.g /Users/Adrian/Desktop/osu!.app)

  3. Enable the following checkboxes

    • Automatically move beatmaps from Downloads

    • Automatically move skins from Downloads

You can also enable

  • Automatically open replays from Downloads

  1. Leave osu!macOS Agent running. The next time you download a beatmap from the osu! website, it should automatically move to your osu! wrapper. Then just hit F5 (beatmaps) or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S (skins) to refresh.

Drag and drop

You might also be able to drag and drop beatmaps and skins into osu! directly. In my personal experience this only works with Technocoder’s Wineskin with macOS Catalina 10.15 support.

If osu! is full screen, you can use Mission Control (F4 key) to switch between windows.

Click to import


Users have reported issues with this on newer wrappers such as Technocoder’s Wineskin with macOS Catalina 10.15 support, see community/forums/posts/7805376 and Gcenx/WineskinServer/issues/47. In the meantime, use an alternative import method.

You can set up osu! to automatically open and import a beatmap or skin when you click on it in your Downloads folder or web browser.

  1. Download a random osu beatmap or skin (and get the osz file)

  2. Right click on osu!.app

  3. Click Show Package Contents

  4. Navigate to drive_c/osu!/Songs and drag & drop your osz or osk beatmap into there

  5. Go back a few folders until you reach, and click to pen it!

  6. Click Advanced. You should see a screen like the one below

Wineskin options showing Associated Extensions.

Note the Associated Extensions section. If the osz2, osr, osz and osu extensions aren’t there, add them using the + button.

To verify that this has all been set up correctly:

  1. Click Tools, then click Command Line (cmd). A console-like should open (it takes a while tho)

  2. Type explorer.exe

  3. Navigate to My Computer\osu!\Songs in the window that appears and locate the osz beatmap you just dropped

  4. Right click on the file, click Properties and verify it worked. It should look like the image below.

Wine Explorer showing Properties for osz extensions.


This method tends to be more unreliable than the others listed and you may experience varying degrees of success.

Manual import

To manually import a beatmap into osu!, follow the following instructions:

  1. Find your Songs directory

    • Locate where osu!.app (your Wineskin) is installed

    • Right click on it and select Show Package Contents

    • You should now see three files/folders: Contents, drive_c and Wineskin. Click drive_c.

    • From here, click osu!.

    • From here, locate Songs


You can create an alias or shortcut pointed to your Songs directory, in somewhere handy like your Desktop. Then you can quickly access the folder whenever you want to drop beatmaps in.

To create an alias, click on the Songs folder, then go to File > Make Alias - then put this alias somewhere where you can easly access it.

  1. Find a beatmap on For this example, we’ll use Ryofuka’s crossing field.

  2. Just like you would normally, click the Download button to download the beatmap.

  3. You should now have a .osz file in your Downloads file. Drag and drop this file into the Songs directory we located before.

Dragging and dropping a beatmap into the Songs directory.


To avoid potential import issues, remove any non-alphabetical characters (numbers and hyphens are fine)


Yep, my beatmap folder is very empty (but yours won’t be! Unless it is, of course..)

  1. If you don’t have osu! open already, open it now. Then in-game, press F5


Unless you have function keys enabled, you may need to press the Fn button at the same time.

Use F1, F2, etc. as standard function keys

  1. Locate where osu!.app is installed

  2. Right click on it and select Show Package Contents

  3. You should now see three files/folders: Contents, drive_c and Wineskin. Click Wineskin

  4. A window like the one below should pop up. Click Advanced

Wineskin settings.
  1. Click the Options tab

  2. Select Use F1, F2, etc. as standard function keys


You can do all of this while leaving osu! running open in the background!

A note about importing skins

Importing skins is largely the same process, except instead of the Songs directory, use the Skins directory, and to reload osu! use Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S instead of F5.

You can then select your skin as normal from the osu! in-game settings menu.


Treat this as if you were working on a Windows system. If the skin is compressed, you’ll probably need to uncompress it. You can use something like The Unarchiver or even your in-built Archive Utility to do this (though Archive Utility might not have so much fun with .rar or .7zip files)

See the osu! knowledge base for more info.