let’s get you set up with osu! on your macOS-powered device!

osu! running on macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Getting started

Community-developed osu! Wineskins are the best way to play osu-stable on your Mac.

Need help?

A small but dedicated volunteer support team is available. Visit us on the macOS Wineskin thread or start your own thread in the Help subforum.

  • Along with a detailed description of your issue, attach your log files from Troubleshooting Basics in a never-expire pastebin such as paste.gg

  • If creating a thread, put macOS and Wineskin in your thread title.

  • Our commmunity support members are volunteers, ranging from osu! support team members to people helping out in their free time. A response may take upwards to a week, although generally you should receive one within a day or two.

Other options

If you prefer, other options are available, including the official (but abandoned) Wineskin from ppy, or other alternatives (that won’t let you play ranked). These docs won’t cover these options in great detail but they’re pretty straightforward to get started with.



This information is supplied by volunteers in good faith. However, we are not responsible if it doesn’t work, your computer sets on fire, or you start the next thermonuclear war. We do our best to make sure the information here is safe for you, your osu! account and your computer, but you proceed at your own risk.


Don’t play osu! in maths class.