The osu!mac documentation project would like to acknowledge (in no particular order) the following community members, organisations, and people for their contributions to helping thousands of users:

  • ppy for their work in building the original osu! game.

  • peppy (Dean Herbert) for his work in building the original osu! game, and the first osu! Wineskin.

  • Technocoder for his work in making the first unofficial (and most popular) osu! Wineskin, the osu! Wineskin for Catalina, osu!macOS Agent, and his general contributions to the community in helping get osu! on macOS.

  • slc for their work in making the modern osu! Wineskin for Mojave and lower.

  • 0e4ef622 for creating the Linux Discord Rich Presence bridge.

  • Gcenx and the rest of Paul the Tall’s Porting Kit team for their work in creating and maintaining the WineskinServer fork, and their general work in the porting community, as well as the people who helped (as listed in the Credits of

  • doh123 for their work in building the original Wineskin project.

  • The entire osu! support team, but especially Death and Dntm8kmeeatu for helping users out when they get stuck (as noted by Technocoder in his discussion thread).

  • The Wine project for building the compatibility layer which enables osu! to run on Mac.

  • The Godot Engine documentation for licensing their custom CSS stylesheet under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

  • Read the Docs for hosting osu!mac on their servers.

  • Sphinx documentation generator which is the open-source Python-based documentation generator osu!mac uses.

If I forgot to mention anyone (whether it be you or someone else) message me on osu! since I really want to make sure that we’ve covered all contributions to this project, no matter how big or small, direct or indirect. Thanks in advance!