Mouse/trackpad input feels unstable


osu! mouse or trackpad movement feels unstable, the cursor may jump, be extremely inprecise, or otherwise be unusable.


The cause of this issue is unknown, but it could be something to do with how Wine translates macOS cursor movements to Windows API calls (since osu! doesn’t use the standard macOS cursor like other Wine programs).

Generally speaking, you might like to avoid increasing mouse sensitivity inside osu!, especially if you’re playing in a window. Instead, change your mouse sensitivity through macOS System Preferences > Mouse (or Trackpad).


  1. Open the in-game settings menu inside osu! using the Ctrl-O shortcut

  2. Find the Mouse section.

  3. Enable Raw input and Map absolute raw input to osu! window

osu! in-game settings, showing the input menu.

If that didn’t work

There could be something else going on here, and performing basic troubleshooting should help you get to the bottom of it.

If you’re still not sure what’s going on here, copy any osu! crash logs and generate a report with osu!macOS Agent, then let us know on the forums with what we can help.