Choosing a Wineskin


What is a Wineskin?

A Wineskin is a wrapper that bundles the compatibility layer Wine with Windows executables like osu!, to enable them to run on POSIX/Unix-based operating systems like macOS and Linux. A Wineskin allows a preconfigured version of Wine to be bundled as one app so that you can get right into the game without messing about with the settings.

There’s a bunch of community-maintained osu! Wineskins out there, and osu!mac highlights three of them.

Other Wineskins like the ones below also exist, but we don’t provide documentation or support for them.

For most users, we recommend using the latest Wineskin, which is Technocoder’s Rosetta Wineskin. It is the only Wineskin that will consistently get updates and support, and has support for almost any modern Mac computer, including:

  • Intel x86 based machines

  • ARM-based Apple Silicon machines, including the new M1 chip

  • Any modern version of macOS, including Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur

You should only use other Wineskins if you need them for compatibility or troubleshooting reasons. They will be outdated and support may be more limited.