Startup issues

This article is applicable to the following wrappers:


osu! has some trouble starting up, for example:

or the game will refuse to start up at all.


There could be a large number of factors causing this issue. The best way to understand what’s going on is to diagnose it through basic Troubleshooting Steps, especially an osu!macOS Agent Report and Wineskin Test Run.

We are currently aware of a number of known issues that may be affecting your ability to start the game consistently, so let us know about your issues and troubleshooting steps on the osu! forum thread.


Firstly, ensure that your Wineskin isn’t corrupt by reinstalling it, and extracting the .zip file with The Unarchiver. You should also ensure that no anti-virus software is intefering with osu!, and try downloading a different Wineskin if one isn’t working. Kill any osu! or wine related processes in Activity Monitor in case they are hanging over after you shut down osu!.

.NET runtime issues

Our .NET runtime issues troubleshooting page contains a number of steps you can attempt if you’re explicitly having trouble with the .NET runtime behind osu!

Bypassing the startup sequence


This section only applies to users using the experimental macOS Catalina Wineskin.

You are recommended to use the latest Wineskin with Apple Silicon support instead.

In older Wineskins, you can bypass the startup sequence entirely. Technocoder found a workaround that will hopefully mitigate your startup troubles:

  1. Open the osu! folder (Right click osu! > Show Package Contents > drive_c > osu!)

  2. Create a new file in this location named execute.bat (with .bat as the extension)

  3. Type in: start C:\osu!\osu!.exe -nosplash

  4. Save execute.bat

  5. Open Wineskin (Right click osu! > Show Package Contents > Wineskin)

  6. Click Advanced

  7. Change the Windows EXE field to: "C:\osu!\execute.bat" (including the outer quotes)

  8. Close Wineskin

In newer Wineskins, this feature is already built in.

If that didn’t work

This method isn’t fullproof, but it’s certainly the best one currently available. If you’re still having trouble, visit the Troubleshooting page and let us know on the forums.